The Bones Remember

About the Book

Gutsy American Alexa Glock lands a job as a traveling forensic investigator, allowing her to remain in New Zealand. Her latest case is on remote Stewart Island, where there hasn’t been a murder since 1927. Skeletal remains have been found in ‘the bush,’ or forest. At the scene, Alexa determines the bullet hole in the skull is not self-inflicted. Later, she uses her expertise – teeth – to identify the skeleton as a hunter who went missing ten months earlier.

Meanwhile, mutilated remains of a shark attack victim wash ashore. The cold waters around Stewart Island are a great white shark mecca. This horror confirms what locals have hashed out at the island’s only pub: shark cage diving, lucrative for operators and popular with tourists, has changed the sharks’ behavior, turning them into man-eaters. They want caging banned.

Alexa makes a shocking discovery during the victim’s makeshift autopsy, and one case turns into two. When an outside detective inspector is flown in to take command, Alexa is shocked to see Bruce Horne, with whom she’s worked before, and exchanged sparks. Bruce has a theory: the cases are related.

Throughout The Bones Remember, Alexa Glock grapples with her desire to belong and be loved in a foreign place, while the island community, and world at large, grapples with ecotourism: does cage diving exploit and harm sharks – or protect them?