The Bone Track

What They're Saying

Alexa Glock’s latest adventure (the third in a trilogy, after Molten Mud Murder and The Bones Remember) is reminiscent of the recent crop of books in which people are thrown together, or reunited, often on vacation, with a killer in their midst. But this book stands out from its plot-mates due to its unusual location and forensic-science focus. The setting is New Zealand’s (very) remote Milford Track, a real hiking trail that dispels all images of the country as hobbit-filled and quaint. Fiordland, where the Track is located, is treacherous, and the travelers face additional peril from rain-caused landslides and creeks that now have rapids. Alexa, an American who lives in New Zealand, realizes that there’s even more to fear when she finds a skeleton hidden on the trail; then a hiker is found dead and suddenly everyone looks suspicious. Vacationing with Alexa is her brother, Charlie. Their childhood misunderstandings and pain persist and are echoed in troubles revealed in the other hikers’ lives. This makes for a compelling thriller but also a thought-provoking look at how to move past hurt and find what’s important. A bonus: Johnson unobtrusively shares many details about Maori culture, New Zealand’s volcanic landscapes, and forensic science, especially involving Alexa’s fascinating specialty: dead people’s teeth.

First Clue reviewer,