World’s smallest penguins

(For Erik!)

Flea Bay in the Banks peninsula is home to a thriving (after eliminating stoats, possums and ferrets) colony of Little penguins, sometimes known as Blue penguins. We went on an evening penguin tour and wore camo so we did not prevent the penguins from coming on shore.

DSC00308 (2)

We walked along rocky cliffs and came to a man-made penguin house. Our guide let us peek inside.


Hello, babies!


That’s mom or dad in the middle. Parent penguins share incubating and feeding. They nest in underground burrows, natural holes or- as in this case- are happy to use man-made homes. The chicks reach adult size in 4-5 weeks and fledge at 8 weeks. Let’s see some adults……………….

DSC00333 (2)

DSC00330 (2)