Winston Churchill said it best . . . . .

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

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My daughter Sally, niece Juta, Forrest and I took a two and one-half hour trail ride in the Rakaia Gorge area.

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Sally’s horse ‘Lester’ tried to rub her off in some manuka bushes. Whoa Nellie! She has scratches all over her arms to prove it. But she stayed on.

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Juta and I believed our horses, Ammo and Anita, were superior steeds.

There is something about the pace of a trail ride- mostly a walk with a little trotting thrown in- that allows one to savor the experience to the max. All the senses perk up like horses’ ears. We went up and down hills, around a mountain, herded merino sheep, walked through wildflowers and a brook, and ended up at a turquoise white-capped lake. Oh New Z- your beauty astounds me.

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What do you think about our new camera’s trick turning photos into watercolors?

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