What’s going on down there?

Downtown Christchurch today

Downtown Christchurch today

As evident from the photo above, Christchurch is still recovering from the 2011 earthquake.

I had an earthquake dream Monday night. The house was rolling on waves for a few heart-stopping seconds. I wondered if worse was yet to come. Stillness followed. I finally remembered to mention my dream to Forrest the next afternoon. He had had an earthquake dream too! How naïve we were to think it was a coincidence.

This morning’s paper, page five: ‘Shake shows The Gap under stress.’ Paragraph one: ‘The latest earthquake to jolt Cantabrians shows there is enough stress in the region to create further shakes, says a leading scientist.’ A 4.6 aftershock was recorded 10 km southwest of Christchurch. By Crikey- should we come home?

I asked the women in my Pilates class this morning if every time there was an aftershock were they afraid it was another big earthquake like the Feb. 2011 one? They all answered yes- but after the jolt recovery time was shorter. One woman said she could hear an earthquake coming and then going.

The ‘leading scientist’ mentioned above is Pennsylvania State University geoscientist Professor Kevin Furlong. He says studying the Canterbury earthquake sequence will improve earthquake science globally. I feel better now.