What’s cookin’?

Some countries, France and Italy come to mind, are gourmet destinations. New Zealand- not. But we hear of some dishes and ingredients over and over again and they are shared in this playful cookbook:


Everyone talks about Whitebait Fritters. They’re a big deal during whitebait season. (Forrest tried a whitebait omelet and said it was so-so. You can tell he’s not from here!)

Whitebait are immature New Zealand trout.

Whitebait are immature New Zealand trout.

I took this photo of a pipi hunter while we were visiting Coopers Beach on the North Island:

Pipi hunting

Pipi hunting

Here’s what to do with your pipi’s:

Yum, right?

Lamb is everywhere in New Zealand including most Kiwi kitchens, just not ours. When I mentioned to a Kiwi how cute the lambs were, she responded, “They’re not cute. They’re food.” Perhaps she uses this recipe:


I’ll take the mint sauce, without the lamb please. DSC00682 (1024x768)

It took a while to figure out kumeras were sweet potatoes. They’re very popluar.


Likewise- beetroot is in season now and is a Kiwi fav:


Hokey pokey this, hokey pokey that, Kiwis love their hokey pokey. Examples: ice cream, chocolate and now biscuits:

DSC00686 (1024x768)

And for the grand finale: pavlovas– it wouldn’t be Christmas without a Kiwi pavlova. (They’re waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay sweet!)

DSC00693 (1024x768)

Bon appetite!