‘Tree Houses For Swamp Dwellers’

On our cycle-rama day we visited the earthquake damaged central business district. Some city blocks still look like war zones. We met a local woman who had not been downtown since that fateful day in February 2011. “I couldn’t bear to see it,” she said.

What do artists do after an earthquake? One particular artist, Julia Morison, has worked to fill up dead spaces. We came upon her ‘Tree Houses For Swamp Dwellers’ on our ride.
DSC08847 (1024x768)

Morris’ inner-city studio was engulfed by liquefaction during the quake. One result was she abandoned painting to work on post-quake sculptures. ‘Tree Houses For Swamp Dwellers’ (Christchurch is largely built on swampland) decorates a desolate street corner. In a Press interview Morris said, “It’s a relocatable sculpture. You can reconfigure it to different combinations depending on different sites. It’s a response to what’s going on here.” She added, “I hope people will find it nice to look at but that they will also use it. They might come here and have their cut lunches. Kids might play in it.” After reading the following linked article, I’d like to come back and see it at night.

DSC08848 (768x1024)