Tramp #1 Rangitoto Island

Our first hike in New Zealand was on Rangitoto Island, reached by a scenic ferry ride from Auckland. Upon arrival it was a one mile hike through a’a to the summit.(We had Big Island flashbacks.) We enjoyed our sandwiches on a bench as we absorbed views of Auckland, mountains, lighthouses, and the blue bay. We then hiked two hours through forest paths and gravel roads to Islington Bay Wharf, a charming setting with several deserted looking bachs, a beach and covered pier where we ate our dessert bars. We ate quickly because we took the seaside path back to Rangitoto Wharf and had to beat the estimated time of two and one-half hours to make the ferry. At first the path was along the shore and lined with flowers and paintable scenes. It then cut inward and was rough, rocky, steep and long. I was afraid we’d miss the ferry but we arrivedDSC08251 with ten minutes to spare. Lucky for us- the ferry left a few minutes early.DSC08231DSC08235