The Bone Riddle

What They're Saying

Publishers Weekly: Johnson expertly balances her lead’s personal and professional lives and maintains nerve-shredding suspense throughout.

Mystery Scene Magazine: The Bone Riddle blends state-of-the-art forensic technology, a beautiful setting, suspense and a mysterious death along with a bit of romance between Alexa and Detective Inspector Bruce Horne.

Criminal Element: Alexa Glock is a good investigator, as The Bone Riddle’s meticulous attention to detail makes clear. Our protagonist loves nothing more than geeking out over the latest advances in her field. Between that, her utter lack of knowledge on anything she doesn’t care about and her often awkward responses to social cues, she’s a poster girl for high-functioning neurodiversity, an often under-represented trait in fictional heroines.

Kelly at Goodreads: This book reminded me of the Temperance Brennan series by Kathy Reichs due to the forensic science elements. Our main character here, Alexa Glock (yes like the gun) is a forensic odontologist whose job is to identify some remains based on dental records. I loved the NZ setting and found myself feeling quite at home while reading (I’m Australian). I enjoyed the cultural elements. I’d recommend picking this one up if you’re a fan of forensic science, police procedurals or romantic suspense.