Taxi, taxi………………

It’s not easy to penetrate Abel Tasman National Park from land but it’s readily accessible from water. Water taxi please- what fun! On our first day we had a large taxi and we boarded at low tide which took some maneuvering about the beach to reach the boat.


Sara crossing bridge while sea-sprite sprints!

Sara crossing bridge leading to taxi while sea-sprite sprints!

DSC00654 (1024x768)
We were able to keep our feet dry.

Coming in for a landing!

Coming in for a landing!

On day two our water taxi was smaller and backed into the beach.

DSC00786 (1024x768)

Wet feet this time!

DSC00789 (1024x768)

The taxis aren’t cheap- about $36 (NZ$) each way. Hmmm- maybe time for a swim!