Some tramps are better than others…..

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We took a two-night trip to the alpine village Hanmer Springs, best known for its natural thermal pools- ahhhhhhhh! The village is surrounded by mountains and enticing trails. We chose the Waterfall Track and had to ford streams twice. How do you cross a stream? Have you ever had a close call? I take off my boots and socks and go au naturel. Forrest takes his boots and socks off and then puts his boots back on, sans socks. Weird, huh?
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The waterfall was great: DSC09169 (768x1024)
Instead of backtracking we took the Spur Trail back to our starting spot. We were surprised and dismayed the mountain had been clearcut. So- there is a spot in New Zealand that is not beautiful.
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Tricky icky footing coming down. Glad I had my poles.