September 3 Release

Molten Mud Murder comes out in less than two weeks! I asked my fabulous Poisoned Pen Press publicist Michael how many ARCs (advanced reader copies) he has sent out. Here is his response:

“Sara, our standard list runs at about 55 outlets, which is a combination of major newspapers around the country, the trade press, the mystery press, key blogs, and— in addition to that number—any regional contacts you may have instructed us to send to (whether media contacts or organizations in your region). So that means that about 120 arcs and books combined would be sent out under normal circumstances. More if local media becomes involved as well.”

And here is the result of Michael sending out ARCs (and me sending out postcards):


I just finished reading Molton Mud Murder. I really enjoyed it. A great read. I loved the setting, characters and the mystery. I’m looking forward to more books by Sarah Johnson. Thank you so much for sending the ARC to me.

Please pass this along to Sara Johnson. I received a postcard from her a day or so ago but I hadn’t finished the book yet. I was going to cc her in on this email, but there’s no direct contact information for her. Would you please pass my compliments on to her?

As soon as the book is available I will order it for the shop and display it on our “Staff and Customer Picks” wall.

Thank you so much again,


“Let’s be reasonable and add an eighth day to the week that is devoted exclusively to reading.” Lena Dunham

Debbie Beamer, owner
Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookshop
6 Clouser Road
Mechanicsburg PA  

Pretty exciting!!!