Quirks and perks…..

ImageImageQuirks of our New Z house: woodstove, no central heating (it’s cold!), no mirror over bathroom sink, no place to plug in hair dryer in bathroom, coffee making apparatus (this is the only time I’ve cursed so far), Chinese satellite TV, extensive Chinese library, extensive Chinese video collection, extensive Chinese CD collection, single basin kitchen sink with no dishwasher, range hood placement at head height (we both have bumps), no closets, and drying clothes the old fashioned way (or as Forrest’s son Rob said once: “Look Dad- clothes on a rope!”), funky car with steering wheel on wrong side,  kitchen fan and clothes washer sound like accelerating jets.

We are already embracing the quirks.

Perks: Our resident Russian Blue cat Iris. (We were warned that she was shy. See photo.) Cat door (so no litter box), wood stove, hanging clothes out to dry, beautiful yard, cut flowers already in vases, walk to grocery store, parks, uni, our new church, library, a zillion restaurants, quiet neighborhood, espresso maker (when I conquer it), well stocked kitchen, Chinese herbs, lighting, comfortable bed and furniture, cat Iris, lots of windows, Chinese art, friendly neighbors (three have already dropped by), and curbside compost recycling. And Iris.