Pancake rocks and magic beach

The northern section of the west coast of the South Island (unglaze those eyes) is remote and rarely visited except for one popular destination: the Pancake Rocks.

DSC01980 (1024x768)

The pounding Tasman sea has sculpted these limestone rocks into ‘pancake stacks’.

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During high seas there are blow holes and plumes of spray.

A little further along the coastline we discovered a beautiful beach with caves, waterfall, holes and shell art. Enjoy.

We hiked down from here to the beach.

We hiked down from here to the beach.

Forrest found a hole.

DSC02002 (1024x768) DSC02006 (1024x768)

We burrowed into this cave for a car-shaped view of the beach.

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It was cool behind the waterfall!

DSC02025 (1024x768)

Someone had taken a lot of time to arrange seashell/rock art.

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Forrest was attacked by kelp serpent.

Forrest was attacked by a mighty kelp serpent.

DSC02034 (1024x768)

It was hard to leave this magical place.

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