New Z skiing!

Mt. Hutt is a one and 1/2 beautiful hour’s drive from Christchurch- sheep , lambs and green fields out the side windows and the Southern Alps looming ahead. They keep looming larger and larger. The last 14 kilometers to the ski field is on a one lane gravel road which snakes its evil way up and up and around and around with deadly drop offs inches away. Please. (Mt. Hutt is considered one of the best ski fields in New Z and has a vertical rise 0f 672 meters.)¬†Confession: the beginner’s slopes looked like black diamonds so I spent the day in the lodge while Forrest skied away. He’s back again today while I stay safe and flat in Christchurch. Where has my courage gone?¬†

DSC08516 DSC08497 DSC08496 DSC08504

P.S. For those who are tired of skiing, there is bungee jumping. Check out upper right hand photo!