My First Cruise: TS Bremen

My grandparents, Evelyn and Clarence Falch, took my sister and me on a ten day Caribbean cruise in 1969 when I was ten years old and Jennifer was eleven.  The following are postcards and other people’s memories of this classy cruise ship:

(NDL: 1957-1971)
Painting of North German Lloyd’s Bremen by Willem Johan Hoendervanger 
The maiden voyage of North German Lloyd’s Bremen.
This is an official card for Otto W.A.Schreiber, owner of the large excursion ship in the picture.
Printed by H.Lika, Bremen, serial no.35.
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The BREMEN was a classy vessel…her interior finish was  wood and brass. The crew was finely tuned…very polished. When you went aboard at embarkation there was a big thick welcome mat at the head of the gangway and the ship’s officers were there to greet you. Once you had gone to your cabin you could go to tea time…just before sailing and they had white gloved tea service with the violins playing…the finest china and those Viennese pastries… was First Class. Cocktail time was special…they had a room…the Pine Room…with a big organ and a gentlemen playing music as the ship sailed along…and sometimes zither music too. The Champagne flowed…they served German beer in big clay BREMEN steins.  The late evenings always offered a “Snack Buffet” with some great German specialties… like going to a wonderful house party at a German Schloss.  They had the best breakfast sausages that I have ever had…and still can’t get anything like it since. The service was fantastic. The dining room was gorgeous…the china, silver and crystal were exquisite,  fresh flowers everywhere, and the stewards were stellar.
An official North German Lloyd card of Bremen. Serial no.445-5762/6
Another person’s memories:
The BREMEN was a wonderful ship and classy. She had a style that will not be seen again. Everything on her was top shelf…sharp and first class all the way. The only ship that I can remember with loads of caviar, lobster and more. They even gave us bottles of German Champagne at dinner…twice. She was pure heaven…and nice wood interiors…that creaked a lot when the seas came up.
Here we are in 1969:
I remember the dining room. I always thought of my grandparents as old- but look – they aren’t so old.  Grammy was glam in her mink. Our tall blond waiter’s name was Ludwig.

Below- Jennifer and me with a police officer in Barbados. I was impressed my grandfather could speak to him in French.
Here’s another picture on a windy day- me with my grandparents on St. Thomas. Look how slender my Grandfather was!
We stayed busy on the ship, writing letters home from the elegant ‘written’ room, entering a spoon diving contest (Jennifer thinks she won but I think I did), and the pirate party-  ahoy, mateys!