Mistakes in the southern hemisphere

Forrest’s father, Sidney, said something to him that he always remembered: ‘You make fewer mistakes in your 30’s than 20’s and you think good- soon I won’t be making any mistakes. But by your 40’s you realize you always will always make mistakes and be a ‘certain amount stupid.’

I was a certain amount stupid with my National Geographic quality dusky dolphins and sperm whale photos I took on our whale watching trip in Kaikoura. (Poor Forrest spent the outing being sea sick.) Beautiful photos of the sperm whale spouting and later, diving- flukes up. The dolphin pictures were even better- one leaping, another spinning, one fellow half in and half out of the water. That evening I accidentally deleted ‘all pictures from that date.’

When we arrived home from our Milford tramp, I only had one Teva in my backpack.

When we arrived home from Queenstown, I was lacking camera recharger and battery.

Perhaps my best worst mistake was taking our new camera sea kayaking. A rogue wave breached the dry sack and the camera died swiftly and permanently.

Actually my best worst mistake was causing a North Island motorcyclist to crash into our rental car because I signaled left and turned right. (The signals are reversed here.) He and his bike were unharmed.

I am getting depressed thinking of examples so I’ll stop now. Here’s to a day without stupidity.