Kayaking in Abel Tasman National Park

We drove five hours to the small town of Motueka on Tasman Bay. We are in the far north of the South Island and in the perfect spot for a morning of sea kayaking into Abel Tasman National Park.


Strange but true the couple closest to the camera, Mark and Elaine, are from Raleigh. They run a successful non-profit business, Kramden Institute, which refurbishes old computers and donates them to underprivileged kids, including students from Phillips Middle School where I worked for 13 years. Forrest will contact Mark when we return in June to volunteer.

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Look behind the good looking kayakers to Split Apple Rock. It is supposedly the most photographed rock in New Z. It’s made of granite which is the main type of rock along the coast. The granite breaks down to form the beautiful golden beaches of the area.

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The Able Tasman coast has a huge tidal range- up to 5.1 meters. It was great to be on the water!

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