Hard yakka, no haka…….

DSC08926 (1024x683)
We went to a real rugby match yesterday- Canterbury vs. Counties-Manukau. “Hard yakka” came directly from this morning’s headlines, followed by “Canterbury slow to subdue spirited Counties-Manukau.” The “no haka” is my disappointment that the match did not start with the traditional Maori war dance. Forrest heard all New Z sporting events started with a haka.

The haka can be pretty impressive, as was this one from the All-Blacks against the South Africa Springboks a few weeks ago.

Important rugby facts as gathered by Sara:

two 40-minute periods
short half-time (10 min- barely time to get fish ‘n chips)
lots of confusing action, hardly any time-outs
“scrums” are scrumptious if you are partial to a particular part of male anatomy (see scrum photo above)
refs wear all pink, including knee socks (not judging, just saying)

DSC08925 (1024x768)

Canterbury on the move

DSC08903 (1024x683)

Practicing throw-ins before the match

Final score: 38-23. Go Canty!