Gorgeous gorse………..or not.

It depends on who you talk to.

We had an awesome tramp at Hinewai Reserve on Banks Peninsula Tuesday, though Forrest will attest that I complained at the beginning because it was a continuous slippery steep downhill with no switchbacks. The hike got better though and included enchanting waterfalls, gorgeous gorse, and a windy knob finale.

We mentioned to the owner of our B&B how beautiful the gorse had been and her nose scrunched up with distaste. Apparently gorse, which was imported from Britain in the 1830’s for farm hedging, is considered a major pest plant. There’s no stopping it and it’s extremely hard to get rid of. DSC08731DSC08736

Luckily if a gorse covered hill is left for a few decades, native tree saplings will grow through the gorse canopy. Eventually the gorse will die in the shade of the regenerating bush. This has been found to be true at Hinewai reserve.
The windy knob finale!