‘Garden City’ blocked from view

We’ve loved living in Christchurch and being able to walk to grocery store, gym, church and library. What we haven’t loved is that yards are blocked from view. I am nosey and like looking in people’s yards. Don’t you? Cantabrians fence or wall their yards. Boo! Here’s our typical view walking home from the farmer’s market.


We live on Hanrahan Street:


Sometimes fences match houses:

DSC02873 (1024x768) DSC02869 (1024x768)

Sometimes walls are low and you can have a wee peek:

DSC02867 (1024x768)

Sometimes the fences are actually hedges. (Hedges are big in New Z.) Can you spot the mailbox?

DSC02863 (1024x768)

But mostly it’s a garden city blocked from view. What’s behind your Foster Grants, Cantabrians? Glad Chapel Hill isn’t this way!

DSC02857 (1024x768) DSC02864 (1024x768)DSC02868 (1024x768)