Forgotten World Highway

With a name like that, who could resist? While on the North Island Forrest and I traveled the 155 km Forgotten World Highway. Twelve kilometers of the road are ‘unsealed’.

DSC02532 (1024x768)

Move over. Sheep and shepherd have not forgotten this ‘highway’:
DSC02518 (1024x683)
DSC02512 (1024x683)

The road follows ancient Maori trade routes and looks positively Jurassic Park at times.

DSC02543 (768x1024)

Twists, turns, one lane bridges and a creepy one lane tunnel the locals call ‘Hobbit’s Hole’ tested our driving skills.
DSC02550 (768x1024)

Situated about halfway through the journey is a strange town which claims to be its own country one day a year. We don’t quite get it.

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We didn’t spend the night but I did take some pictures.

DSC02561 (1024x683)
DSC02562 (1024x683) DSC02564 (1024x683)

What year do you think it is?

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