Crampon time . . . Fox Glacier

We waited until almost winter to visit one of New Z’s 3100 glaciers. Fun to have Rob with us. Our Fox Glacier tour included fording streams on foot. Who gets ‘Most Graceful’ award? Me or Rob?

DSC03610 DSC03688

Next we had to ford the glacial river in a raft. (Sometimes when the water is lower they use a Unimog.)

DSC03617 DSC03695

Ice play was next on the agenda:

DSC03648 (768x1024) DSC03644 (1024x768)

Fox Glacier:

DSC03623 (1024x768)

Time to crampon-up:

DSC03654 (768x1024) DSC03631 (1024x768)

Snow cave hole:

DSC03664 (1024x768)

Snow cave Rob and Forrest:

DSC03663 (768x1024) DSC03666 (1024x768)

I could not take photos while on the ice. I was concentrating too hard to remain upright and crampon correctly. What a workout!

Starting on the ice............

Starting on the ice…………

Afterwards: DSC03685 (1024x768)

And finally, this is Fox Glacier from afar. One of my best pictures, I think.
DSC03781 (1024x768)