Cow-a-bungy, dude!

Queenstown is known as New Z’s adventure capital and when some people (not me) think of adventure- they think bungy jumping!

The first commercial ‘bungee’ jump opened in 1988 at Kawarau Bridge just outside of Queenstown. Here you can pay $180 ($155 US) to jump. Options: bob above the river, touch it with your hair, or get dunked. We watched this young woman take the 43 meter plunge!

Gathering her courage......

Gathering her courage……

Taking flight!

Taking flight!

DSC01182 (683x1024)DSC01183 (683x1024)

Oh boy was I nervous- and I was just a spectator.

Launching the pick up...........

Launching the pick up………..

Caught her!

Caught her!

DSC01196 (1024x683)

About 30 miles away is the world’s highest bungy jumping spot- 134 meters above the Nevis River. Dude- you have to be crazy! (Cost $260 NZ)

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