Cape Farewell and Farewell Spit


Pictured above is the northernmost point of the South Island of New Z: Cape Farewell. Christened by our buddy Captain Cook in 1770, it was the last land-ho for he and his crew before they set their compass for England.

Now we have been to the north of each island!

We drove in our Eco Tour red bus from Cape Farewell onto Farewell Spit which from above looks like a kiwi: untitled

Farewell Spit is a 35km long bird sanctuary and people and vehicle access is strictly limited. People can hike the first four kilometers only and vehicle access is granted only to supervised tours. Our driver said we were the only vehicle on the spit that day. We shared “The Sands of Tahua” (Maori name for Farewell Spit) with seals and Canada geese (yes- they’ve found New Zealand) and oystercatcher families:

DSC00998 (1024x768)
DSC00913 (1024x683) DSC00932 (1024x683)
DSC00937 (1024x768)

DSC00904 (1024x768)

Next stop: the lighthouse
DSC00956 (768x1024) DSC00953 (1024x768)

On the way back we stopped and played in the sand dunes- no sledding this time but lots of jumping and running. (Now I understand the ‘spit’ part.)
DSC00971 (1024x768)
DSC00983 (1024x683)
Can you find Forrest?
DSC00976 (1024x768)
A farewell view of Cape Farewell:
DSC00992 (1024x768)