A visit to Antarctica . . . . .

Centre. Did you know it only takes five and 1/2 hours to reach McMurdo Station from Christchurch? Three hundred and fifty flights a year leave this official ‘Antarctic Gateway’ city and this is why the United States has its Antarctic Center in Christchurch.

DSC04109 (1024x768)

And to bring in the tourist dollar, the International Antarctic Centre museum is across the street. Visiting it will be the closest to Antarctica that I ever get!

Forrest and I got to be in a pretend Antarctic storm only it didn’t feel pretend. Winds gusted at 40 km and the temp was -35 C. Here we are pre-storm:

DSC04112 (1024x768)           DSC04116 (768x1024)

We opted for a Swedish-made Hagglund ride. This all-terrain amphibious vehicle is widely used in Antartica. The ride included an ‘if-the-ice-breaks’ demonstration through a windows-high deep pond.

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No visit to Antarctica would be complete without penguins, right? (Only these world’s smallest Little Blue penguins don’t live in Antarctica- they live here in New Z.)

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DSC04133 (768x1024)