A tramping we will go…..


A half hour drive from Christchurch took us to the Bridle Path which has some history associated with it.

In 1850, Lyttelton harbor was the landing place for Canterbury pilgrims. But after their four month sea journey from England the pilgrims had still not arrived in Christchurch. They had to tramp over the mountain that separated Lyttelton from Christchurch. Can you imagine their surprise and dismay? Later this trek was named the Bridle Path because it was so steep that horses had to be led by the bridle.

We loved it- a lot of steep up, steep down, steep up, steep down, fantastic views of Lyttelton harbor, sheep, Christchurch, snowcapped mountains. On the final “steep down” I met two huffing and puffing girls on their way up who looked to be about my daughter’s age. I was considering this as a hike for when my daughter, sons and niece come to visit. I asked the girls their opinion on this and they said, “No!” “Too hard.” “Let them take the gondola.”

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